These chicks don’t even know the rest of my team.

They only watch probending matches for me.

I’m always being called the man of their dreams

All because I’m the leader of my whole team.

So I’m out of the weight room. What do I see?

A group of fan girls tryna holler at me.

They’re like ‘OMG. Mako please”

I can’t stop won’t stop my overies. 

I’m like. Girl please. Don’t mean to offend.

But fire ain’t the only element that I bend.

I bend girl over,  retract them legs.

I swore Ty Lee was all up on my bed.

With my good looks, wouldn’t have to force her

Got her face lookin’ like a Kyoshi warrior

Good gracious. I’m on a date with

Miss Sato. Looks of a model.

wasn’t into playin’ with my fire ferret

When she wanted me to stay I wasn’t tryna hear it

But goddamn. Look who it be.

Avatar Korra all up on me.

 Didn’t mean for it, but to my surprise.

I had back bent her iris white.

Oh dang, you saw that  bro!?

Its not what it looks like come back Bo.

Don’t even gotta say  my name.

Hair curled down, devilish frame.

What ever you have, ten times, I got it.

The girls I bag are like Sozin’s comit.

Hot damn, I’ma douse their flame.

Bend their fluids. Scream my name.

Tahno? More like fuck yes.

they’re chest on deck like Iroh’s men.

I can show you how a real pro bends

But can’t make sure that you won’t get wet

Now you know that I’m more than impressive.

Hows that for a private lesson

Don’t lie, I saw that kiss.

You knew how I felt, now I’m more than pissed.

Saw her orphus on your orphus.

You’re an enormous dick, and I’m sure of this.

Calm down Bo don’t come to conclusions.

I saw you come with those bodily movements.

It wasn’t my fault she was kissin’ me.

Ain’t no excuses can Pabu seen

The scene I was seeing. I just can’t believe.

Bros before hoes means something to me.



Holy shit the end, I can’t breath, so funny. 

Edit: Should mention whoever did Tahno’s voice is amazing, like wow.

Oh my GOD

oh my god just ahh and the ending hahaha I’m laughing so hard no sounds coming out help

I actually can’t- 


there is no gif to describe my reaction

everyone must listen to this holy crap asldkjfad;js

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